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Things I Loved in July + Goals for August

Things I Loved in July + Goals for August

Holy s***, it’s already August?!

I feel like this month flew past me without even really happening. I mean, I’ve heard time starts going faster as you get older, but come on.

Like, I feel as if I blinked and July is gone. Just me? Maybe it’s a presence thing? Either way, I think that’s a sign that I need to slow the heck down and just be more present with life as it is. It’s a process, though, and it’s never perfect for anyone.

July was a super full month for me. Between classes and work, I felt like I barely had a chance to catch my breath. It’s gotten to a point where I continually forget that I’m moving out of my house in a few days. Really, though, my dad has to keep reminding me (sigh). As I wrote about in this post, it’s a difficult season of life for me and I’m trying to adapt and find the meaning in all of it. Again, it’s a process.

Despite all of the work I was obligated to do this month, though, I did find time for some play. I spent one weekend at Virginia Beach with my friends and another at Camp Bisco making new ones.

Things I Loved in July + Goals for August

Both were equally as fulfilling and gave me a much-needed break from reality. I always find that I stress out about missing school or work but when I’m away, none of it matters; basically, a lot of problems are self-created and thinking only makes things seem worse than they are. Mind, you crazy.

Okay, okay, enough of that! Here’s a few things I’ve been loving this past month:


RFM Eats; What I Ate Wednesday

  • Eggs + toast. I’ve been eating this for breakfast almost every day and don’t understand it, maybe it’s a phase, but it’s so simple and good.
  • Muffins! I’ve been on a mad baking kick and have made a different batch of muffins or cookies almost every week (ask my roommate, she’ll back me up).
  • Pasta salad. It feels super summery to me and it’s the perfect quick lunch or dinner.
  • Trader Joe’s frozen food. Don’t even get me started. Chicken soup dumplings? Burrata and prosciutto pizza? Sweet potato fries? Gimme all of it. Makes life super easy when I’m either lazy or busy or both (mostly both).


Things I Loved in July + Goals for August

  • You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero: Easy guide to the power of manifestation. I wholeheartedly believe in this and think it can be super transformative for anyone and everyone looking for a change in their lives.
  • Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch: This book has been life changing for me. I’ve recently begun an intuitive eating journey in hopes of taking back my relationship with food and this book is just YES.
  • Colorless Tsukuru Tasaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami: I honestly read this in May but it’s such a beautiful book. I always find it interesting to read literature from other cultures because it reminds me that as humans, we all go through the same experiences regardless of where we come from and I find that super comforting.


  • The Rich Roll Podcast. This will be on my favorites EVERY SINGLE MONTH because he’s awesome. Even if you’re not plant based (I’m not), he has a lot of great content to offer.
  • Hardcore History: My brother sent me this and I was a little intimidated by the 5 hour episodes, but the content is great, it’s easy to listen to, and can be divided up amongst walks. Awesome if you’re a history nerd like myself.
  • The Balanced Bites Podcast: These ladies know what they’re talking about and have so much great information to give. I haven’t heard a bad episode yet and have been eating this up.

Other Stuff: 

Things I Loved in July + Goals for August

  • Slow mornings: I’ll gladly wake up 3 hours early if it means I get to sip more coffee, read without feeling rushed, and listen to a record before the day gets crazy. Am I old already?
  • Pop-up yoga classes: There are SO many of these in Richmond and they’re super fun to go to with a friend. Rooftop yoga? I’m there. Sunrise yoga? You betcha. It’s fun trying new things in new places.
  • Lush products: I recently fell back in love with Lush and have been using their skincare like it’s nobody’s business. The rose fresh face mask & charcoal cleanser are my faves.

What I’m Proud of This Month: 

  • I reached out to a few new people and made connections. I’ve recently realized that I’m not getting all I want or need out of the relationships I have so taking the first step to work on that was a lot for me.
  • Strength gains! I’m repping my past maxes for squat and bench and feel super good about this meet coming up. I don’t 100% love the training I’m doing, but it’s a good challenge for sure.
  • Creating this blog! I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger for a while but always found an excuse not to. I’m really proud of overcoming my fear and just doing it.
  • Getting through my classes successfully with good grades (I think).

And, because I believe goals are essential to progress,

August goals: 

Things I Loved in July + Goals for August

  • Go to yoga 2-3x/week (and practice headstand as often).
  • Limit social media use: no consuming content for an hour after waking or an hour before going to sleep.
  • Shabbat hard af and read the weekly Torah portion in entirety.
  • Meet up with one new person and reconnect with one old person.
  • Call my family members more often.
  • Be more present day-to-day.

And that’s it from me! Hopefully this can inspire your August goals-do you regularly set some? What are yours for this coming month? I’d love to hear it!

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