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RFM Gives Thanks: Holiday Gratitude

RFM Gives Thanks: Holiday Gratitude

I don’t need a holiday to be thankful for everything in my life; I practice gratitude each and every day, and it’s made all the difference in my life. It’s easy to see what’s going wrong in our lives, but for some reason it’s SO much harder to recognize and appreciate all of the good because we are so afraid that if we speak to it, it may disappear. At least, that’s the case for me.

Lately I’ve been experiencing life with a deep contentment for everything around me. I’ve learned to see the beauty in things and accept them as they are rather than dismiss them in favor of what they could be (well, for the most part). We only have one life and it’s pretty dang short, so why would we live each moment wishing it was any different than it was?┬áThese periods of deep, constant gratitude come and go for me, as does everything else in life, but when I’m in them I make sure to relish in it and make the most of it while I can.

RFM Gives Thanks: Holiday Gratitude

Right now, I’m grateful for all of the uncomfortable things in my life. These past few months have been less than a walk in the park, but the way we handle the tough situations allows us to learn more about ourselves, locate any blocks or patterns, and work to be better in the future. I know things don’t change overnight and that whole “it has to get worse before it gets better,” thing is SO true in my experience, but each difficult situation we find ourselves in is nothing more than practice to become stronger versions of ourselves.

For my family and all of the love they pour out to me, I am so grateful. I have never met a more fun-loving, honest group of people and I’m lucky to call them my relatives. We’ve spent more time together in the last two years than we have in my whole life and it’s been nothing short of a delight. I am so lucky to have such a connection to my family, as I know it’s a luxury not everyone is able to enjoy and I try never to take it for granted. Y’all are the most fun, supportive, caring bunch a girl could ever ask for, never change!

RFM Gives Thanks: Holiday Gratitude

I’ve been well-educated my entire life and am working on my third year as an undergraduate; I realize this is an opportunity many people are not given and I never take it lightly that I am able to experience this. College has been an amazing rollercoaster of emotions and growth and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without all of the ups and downs associated. I am so grateful for my parents who have invested in my future and made certain that no matter what or where I wanted to go, we would make it a reality for me. I work hard to excel and never wish to be anywhere other than where I am now; the real world scares the heck out of me, quite honestly, so I’ll keep appreciating college until I can’t anymore.

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was 10 years old and meditation since 15; these practices have been incredibly transformational for me and I don’t know if I’d be the same without them. I give thanks to every teacher I’ve had in the past and all that they’ve offered to me. Since freshman year I’ve been work/trading at a yoga studio and quite honestly, it has kept me sane and balanced when life gets extremely noisy and for this, I am so grateful. It’s an amazing thing to simply be able to move my body and get out of my head and onto my mat.

RFM Gives Thanks: Holiday Gratitude

My friends are my new family being away from home for so long and I can’t imagine doing life without them. Sure, we’ve had ups and downs and sometimes I just need my space, but their endless support and companionship has helped me along the way without a doubt. I’m grateful that I haven’t confined myself to a single group of friends and instead have some sprinkled all over; I used to feel lost in not having one solid “group” of people to call mine but now I can appreciate it for what it is.

Though I could obviously go on forever, I’ll wrap it up with my gratitude for my parents. It’s tough to realize that your parents are simply human too, but it’s a reality we all see at some point in life. I know they have always had the best intentions and they’ve done so much for my brothers and me, and for that I am forever indebted. As an almost adult, I now recognize that nobody ever really gets a hold on how life works and we’re all just doing the best we can; my parents have worked tirelessly to ensure tat we were all given the best lives possible, certainly better than they had in their childhoods, and I appreciate that more than anything. I’m grateful to still have a great relationship with them despite being so far away; I’ll never know how to repay them, but the best I can do is to try and make them proud.

And with that, I’ll leave this to be continued; there is always, always something to be thankful for regardless of how bad things may seem at the time. Find the beauty in the little things, appreciate what’s right in front of you, and life will reciprocate by showing you love. What are you all grateful for? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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